Now on Demo:

Shunyata Triton v3                                    Mark Levinson 515 TT

Shunyata Sigma NR Power cables          MarkLevinson 5805 

​Trinnov Altitude 32 816                            Revel F228be speakers

Meridian 808 version 6

Meridian DSP8000SE

Meridian DSP7200.2SE center

​Meridian 271

Meridian 258 amplifier

Roon Nucleus Plus

Screen Innovations Black Diamond

Zero Edge Screen

​Meridian 218 Zone Controller

Paradigm 85F speakers

Monitor Audio Climate 80

Summer Specials:

Buy a pair of DSP7200SE or DSP8000SE and get an 808v6 free!

Meridian 251 in stock

Check out the new Trinnov Altitude Theater processor

CMB Integrations demonstrates only the finest equipment available from

Meridian Audio. No other dealer offers the opportunity to audition the top end gear all in one location.

Monitor Audio Silver 10 Speakers  on demo


Many products are available for in home trials. With many things, it has to be in your room with your system in order to make a proper buying decision,  With appropriate arrangements, extended in home trials are available