Our Greer SC demo room has the most Audioquest Dragon cables installed in a single system in the world. It also features the largest HRS VXR rack installation to date.

The Network Acoustics Demo clearance:

Muon Streaming cable $650.00

Eno AG Streaming cable $399.00​​

Eno USB $425.00

​Shipping at actual cost.

​Coming soon the new Meridian DSP9


 Discover DSP8000 XE- the first product to emerge from Meridian’s groundbreaking Extreme Engineering Programme; a result of years of investment and research at the extreme edge of audio design.

 The DSP8000 XE represents a major advance in the design and performance of Meridian Digital Active DSP loudspeakers, achieving a level of sound-quality which exceeds that of any previous Meridian loudspeaker. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge in psychoacoustics, many of Meridian’s unique technologies are implemented in the loudspeaker. The highest specification components are combined with a new audio architecture to provide new levels of sonic realism.


Discover More; https:// www.meridian-audio.com/XE

The new Meridian DSP8000XE Speakers are here now. We have a white pair in the demo room. We are one of the only dealers to have these on demo

​The Arye Acoustics CX8 CD players are in stock in black and silver

Come see our new showroom. This 7.2.4 Atmos theater features a Trinnov Altitude 32 processor, ATI amplification, Meridian DSP8000XE speakers, DSP7200SE center, Meridian DSP7200.2 rears, Revel and Kef speakers and a Kaleidescape movie system. It is one of the only Atmos demo theaters available to experience in SC.

If you would like to check out Arye Acoustic products and Vandersteen Kento Carbon speakers connected with Audioquest Dragon cables and Niagara power products,  we have an appointment only demo room in Greer SC that is convenient to fine dining nearby for a one of a kind experience.​​

Experience Roon and Tidal in the Lexington show room. With endless streaming possibilities and greater than 23000 albums in the local music library, you will find your favorite music played through our reference sound system.

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Preowned Meridian gear:

DSP640.2 with new back boxes $4000.00

​D2500 Subwoofer $300.00 2 available


South Carolina's only Trinnov Dealer, we are also a Trinnov Certified Professional.

When choosing an audio/video dealer to serve you, the devil is in the details. Do they answer the phone, emails, and quickly get answers to your questions? Do they have a updated website, a professional email address or just  gmail?  These small details can tell a lot about the service you should expect to receive. Give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations, you won't be disappointed.

Check out the review of our demo room by the Home Theater Hobbyist​.

The new Network Acoustics Muon ethernet filters and USB cables are in stock and ready to ship.